We at QuoraStone believe that our surface materials create conversation pieces with its aesthetics & durability. Quorastone ensures a strict quality control process on its materials,
and goes beyond the ordinary by offering a 15 year limited transferable warranty.

From our wide range of colours, formats, thicknesses & finishes comes our objective to make each project unique and allows for maximization of any spaces.


is Quorastone?

QuaraStone stone’s quartz surfaces are brag worthy. Man-made & engineered stone that are formed by combining 94% ground quartz ( a natural hand mineral ) with 7-10% reisin, polymers & pigments. Engineered Quartz boasts of being one of the hardest minerals.

The only other minerals harder than quartz are diamonds, Sapphire and Topaz. Tough, non porous and non-reactive to acids, it is easy to clean with mild soap, water and a soft cloth. It’s attributes makes it perfect for countertops, vanities, bar tops, walls etc.


is QuoraStone made?

QuoraStone quartz surfaces find their roots in a factory setting produced by combining quartz with reisins, binding agents and occasionally pigments.

This mixture is then moulded and heated up to 300 degrees F. The end result is an extremely resilient stone with a glass like sheen to it.

QuaraStone is the popular choice over natural stone because it does not require any sealing to resist stains, unlike natural granite and quartzite.